Trident Arms Bersa Thunder Review


This is a review on the Bersa Thunder 380.  I picked up one of these in September of 07 as a concealed carry gun for my wife.  We spent a whopping $230 on it.  It came with one magazine, so we opted for an additional one.

I took the gun home and disassembled it for an initial cleaning and further inspection.  A habit that I've developed over the years.  I like to ensure all the factory grease has been removed and there are no surprises left behind like metal shavings, foreign objects, etc...

Inspection done, cleaning done, it was time to get it to the range to test fire it.  I grabbed a of box of American Eagle 95 gr. FMJ and a box of Remington 95 gr. MC ammo and headed to my local range to run the 100 rounds through it.  For the first 15 or 20 rounds the gun responded well with minimum recoil and no malfunctions, then a stovepipe.  I cleared the malfunction and after another 10 shots, another stovepipe.  I also experienced the slide sticking on several occasions.  Well this went on for the remaining rounds.  I figured the gun just needing to get broken in, so I headed to the house and cleaned it.  After a couple of days, I headed back to the range with several more boxes of ammo to repeat the process.  Again, more malfunctions.  I repeated this process until I had shot 1000 rounds.

I've now run 1000 rounds through it and I keep getting malfunctions.  This to me is more than enough rounds to properly break-in the weapon.  At this point, I have to ask myself if I'm willing to risk my life or my wife’s life on a weapon that may or may not function properly when we needed it most.  This is a no brainer.  Time to dump the Bersa...

I've spoke to several people who own or have shot one of these and they swear by them.  Obviously, I'm not one of them.  I suppose, I could have sent the gun back to Bersa to let them figure out the problem.  And I understand they have a great warranty and actually stand behind it.  However, once I get a bad taste in my mouth for a weapon, it's hard to convince me to go back to it.  It's all too easy to trade it in on something else, plus I really don't want to own a problem gun, even if Bersa fixed it, it would always be in the back of my brain that the gun could malfunction.

In summary; I find that this gun is unreliable and I do not recommend it.
Bersa Thunder .380 Review
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